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If you are a professional looking for an agency to hire you as a supervisor, here are some guidelines to keep in mind:


Supervised access is not long term reliable employment. If you can find another regular full time or part time job, take it. You can also be on call for supervision contracts, as most supervision happens on evenings and weekends, because the parents work or the children are in school. With supervision, you can get hired for 6 months by one parent, but court removes supervision or you get fired by the other parent in 2 weeks. Also, Supervised access is not for the faint at heart. Your truthful reports that interfere with a parent's custody goals can get you maliciously acused of being biased or failing your duties - so you would get fired.


Look carefully at the agency's owner, coordinator and case manager (in most cases one person has all three roles). If they are not at least as educated as you, seek another agency. Even more important, if you don't have any education or experience working with children and families through the process of custody and divorce, you really want an agency that has educated coordinator and case manager - who can provide good training and on-going guidance for you.


Your reports carry great responsibility on your part, as they have life-time effect on the children and their relationship with both parents. You want to be well trained and make good jugments, otherwise you may mistakenly limit or sever a parent's access to his/her child. Put yourself in the parent's shoes. How would you feel if someone mistakenly cut your access to your child? Would it comfort you to learn that they were sincerely wrong, from not having a good coordinator or case manager? You don't wanna have to live with the guilt of such mistakes. Choose carefully who you work with.


Make sure the agency's owner/coordinator/case manager matches your values and ethics, otherwise you will be very frustrated working with them. Supervision is very sensitive work, reports go to court, and you may be called to witness in court. You need full transparency and trust with your coordinator and your case management. If you are not supported by your coordinator in your ethics and values, it can get tough serving the client within your boundaries, and it can get even tougher when you have to be a witness in court.


A good supervision agency will give you training, will use intake forms for your clients, will pay you fairly for your visit and report, will not keep the report fee for themselves if charged separately, will not modify your reports, will add paid time for your travel to/from visits, will provide case management, will read your reports and submit them to the clients, will be on call for you during visits, will support you if unusual incidents happen, will carry the case management between visits, will not "throw you under the bus" to save their face, etc.

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