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Access Family Services Clinic

Access Family Services has a clinic in Fleetwood, Surrey, providing neurofeedback and counselling services, as well as DNA and nutrition consulting. Our services work together towards fostering long-lasting mental, emotional, physical, social and spiritual health for our clients. Neuroplasticity (helping the brain develop new pathways) and Epigenetics (influencing our own DNA through environmental and lifestyle changes) are fundamental values of our practice.

In order to honour the biodiversity of each person and create the most efficient and effective program for each client, we use the newest scientific methods of safe and non-invasive assessment coupled with customized emotional and lifestyle reprogramming.



Neurofeedback uses EEG devices to assess the brain waves. The raw data is compared to similarly aged individuals. The result is a graphic brain map showing which brain waves are too strong or too weak, and their respective locations.


Counselling can help clients identify the tools that can help them heal. With a program tailored to your specific needs or personal problems you may wish to address, we can help you develop coping skills to help improve your quality of life.

DNA Testing

The DNA testing reports we obtain for our clients describe everything there is to know about their genes, hormones, allergies, mineral deficiencies, longevity, inflammation and autoimmune issues, vulnerability to systemic illnesses and cancer, etc.


Our Nutrition coaching service helps individuals compile the detailed and specific recommendations of the DNA reports and we can translate this information into a progressive healthy eating and living plan.

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