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A few friendly suggestions to keep in mind about using supervisors for your case:


Consider adding a clause "or as professional supervisor available" when the court sets exact days and hours for visitation. It just happens that most court orders come with the same day and time set for parenting time, and we are unable to serve everyone at the same time. We may need to negotiate with the parents moving the time an hour up or down, or we may keep the time and change the day of the week.


Consider including in the order "supported visitation", if the child(ren) or parents need it during visits. This is suitable for cases where the supervisor would need to support the child(ren) (separation anxiety, behavioural issues) or the parent (attachment, bonding, parenting skills) during the supervised parenting time. This is often needed, but the selected supervisor is unable or poorly equipped to provide such support. Many supervisors are Craigslist hires with no experience as parents and no understanding of child behaviour and psychology. On the other side, if you do have an experienced supervisor who can and provides proper support, the other party may complain against the support provided. So better figure out if support is needed, and put it in the order. Sometimes the order may even ask that the experienced and educated supervisor gives an hour of parenting coaching to the parent, before every second visit, as long as necessary. 


Ponder well if the custodial parent should have any control on whom is hired as supervisor, or if it should be all in supervised parent's hands. If the custodial parent has to approve the supervisor it may work well, but it may also end up with a lot of firing and turnover of supervisors if the supervision reports look good for the supervised parent. That is often countered with an application to remove custodial parent's control after showing a pattern of firing supervisors. To avoid recurrent firing and having to spend more on legal costs, parents and their counsel sometimes decide to name the company or supervisor of choice in the order. That way it is impossible to fire or change supervisors without going back to court.

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